Bahamas – What are in store for you in this beautiful locale ?

Are you searching for an exotic travel location amidst sea beaches? If yes, then you can plan Bahamas holidays. Though the Bahamas consist of 700 islands, only thirty of them are inhabited by people. Nassau, the capital as well as the largest city of The Bahamas, is also the main gateway that is centrally located on the beautiful island of New Providence.

Bahama attractions

There are a number of luxurious hotels located all over the Bahama Islands, especially near the popular attractions. Some of the major tourist attractions are Long Island, Biminis, Crooked Island, Andros, Nassau, etc. On your tour, never miss out a visit to the Lucayan National Park located in the Grand Bahama Island. Apart from its variety of flora and fauna, the caves at the Lucayan National Park are one of the longest underwater cave systems in whole world.

Activities in Bahamas

The Bahamas are sometimes referred to as holiday heaven. The climate is mild throughout the year facilitating a number of beach activities. If you’re fond of adventurous activities and love wildlife, then you can go for snorkeling, swim with the dolphins or feed the sharks. Other activities that tourists love to enjoy are kayaking, sailing, boat rides, deep sea fishing, body surfing, whale watching, wind surfing, etc. On your Bahamas holidays, make sure you go on a trip in dinner cruises.

Bahamian cuisine

In the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, you can find almost any kind of international food, right from Lasagna to Sushi. Tourists love to eat fresh seafood in these islands. You can try local dishes of conch, Craw fish, land crabs along with fishes like Yellow Tail and Red Snapper. On your tour, you should taste Bahamian meal at least once. It consists of rice and crab along with steamed fish, potato salad and baked cheese and macaroni. It is followed by dessert that usually consists of guava duff or bread pudding along with pineapple tart.

Bahamas shopping

Tourists love to purchase perfumes, tribal artifacts and Fendi brand collection from The Bahamas. Bay Street is the most popular shopping destination from where you can collect gift items and souvenirs.

Caribbean Music Festival

If you’re planning Bahamas holidays, then you can schedule your tour during May or June to experience ‘Caribbean Music Festival’, one of the important events in this archipelago. The festival starts with a vibrant street party and offers variety of entertainment, right from dancing, local cuisine to listening to the beautiful sounds of Soca and Reggae.

You should be aware of the Bahamian currency when you plan to visit this beautiful archipelago. Bahamian Dollar (BSD) is the official currency of The Bahamas, which is equivalent to US Dollar. You can purchase items by using either US Dollar or BSD as both the currencies are accepted throughout Bahamas. Moreover, there are ATMs in the popular tourist destinations, so you can take out money as and when required.