How can you keep your domain safe from fraudulent acts?

A domain name is the website address through which the visitors refer to a particular website. However, a domain name is much more than a mere web address; it can be said that your domain is your image in the web. So, you should take every measure to protect it from fraudulent acts. One of the best ways to do so is to choose a good web hosting company to host your domain.

6 Ways to protect your domain name

You can take the following steps to ensure that your domain is secure.

1. Register your domain yourself –
It is quite important to register your domain yourself than someone else doing it for you. If someone else registers the domain with his/her details, then he/she will be the legal owner of that particular site. However, if you choose a domain registrar, then make sure that the registrar is ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited.

2. Choose a good password – While creating your account, always choose a password that you’ve not used anywhere and which cannot be guessed easily. This will prevent the con artists to retrieve valuable information and commit fraudulent acts. In addition to this, keep on changing your passwords from time to time.

3. Choose private domain registration – Once you enter your contact information in the ‘WHOIS’ database, anyone can view it who searches you domain by the website address. You can prevent it by choosing private domain registration to register your site.

4. Lock your account access – The con artists often use out-of-date or exposed information from the ‘WHOIS database to hack your domain name. So, use a domain lock to prevent your account being hacked.

5. Update your information regularly – Always update any changed information in the ‘WHOIS’ database so that you receive important messages (such as, your domain name renewal notice) on time.

6. Renew your domain name on time –
You should always renew your domain name before it expires. One of the best ways to do so is to opt for auto-renewal so that it gets automatically renewed and you don’t lose your domain even if you forget the expiration date.

4 Tips to choose a good web hosting company

It is quite important to choose a good web hosting company, who you can trust to register your domain with. The company should have the following characteristics.

1. Have financial stability so that the service doesn’t get interrupted
2. Provide you with sufficient bandwidth for efficient and fast data transfer
3. Offer you 24/7 support and solve your problem quickly.
4. Reliable and secured to ensure that your domain is safe

If you lose your domain name, you should take help of an attorney to get it back; there are laws and remedies that can help you to get back your domain name. However, you may lose substantial revenue during the business interruption. So, choose a reliable and expeditious web hosting company and leave no stone unturned to keep your domain safe from fraudulence.

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